Become a Welcoming Officer

The first time a new member attends your club, it can be an intimidating and potentially overwhelming experience. The presence of a Welcoming Officer can take the uncertainty out of the first visit, make the new member feel comfortable, and increase the chance of long-term involvement in you club.

Building Female Participation in Victorian BMX

51% of the Victorian population is female however only 19% of BMX Victoria's membership is made up of women & girls!

Just think of all the skills, ability and resources we are missing out on!

An Introduction to BMX Victoria's Member Protection Policy

The BMX Victoria Member Protection Policy is an essential part of a proactive and preventative approach to tackling inappropriate behaviour. It is a document outlining BMX Victoria's commitment to providing a sporting environment free of harassment and discrimination.

The policy states that BMX Victoria believes its members, and everyone with whom it deals, has the right to be treated with respect and dignity. BMX Victoria will not tolerate any type of behaviour which will bring the sport of BMX into disrepute.

Become a Member Protection Information Officer

For the majority of your members, the club and competition environments are fun and positive; however there are some occasions where members have concerns, questions or complaints. To help to deal with these situations, your club should consider installing a Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO).