BMX Victoria - Member Protection Policy

8 June 2011

BMX Victoria follows the Play by the Rules program set out by the Commonwealth Government as a set of guidelines to the expected behaviour at sports events around Australia. This program is one of the most important yet under used resources our association has. 

The Play by the Rules program is available for all clubs to use. I urge all Club Committee members to take the time to log onto and look around this site.  As well as setting out what is the correct behaviour for all competitors, spectators, officials and parents at sporting events it also outlines what steps clubs can take if they are aware of anyone breaching these guidelines.

BMX Victoria takes the conduct of all persons attending a BMX event in this State seriously. We will not stand by and let anyone in our sport be ridiculed, vilified or abused. 55% of or competitors are under the age of 13, it is important we let them enjoy and have fun whilst racing BMX. Our officials are made up of Mums and Dads that volunteer their time to help run race meetings.  It is important that we show them the respect that they deserve, whether we agree with their decisions or not.

BMX is a family sport and it is important that we do not forget this.  All children are influenced by behavioural patterns that they observe.  We should not let this get lost in the pursuit of competition.

Wayne Berryman

President BMX Victoria 2009 – 2011

For more information on Play By The Rules click on the banner at the bottom of this page.

Rules - Complaints / Grievance Policy

What do I do if I have a complaint?

BMX  Victoria has policies in place outlining the procedures to address complaints and grievances of members.

The first option is to approach the Member Protection Officer (MPO). The MPO will:

The MPO does not:

Contact the BMX Victoria Member Protection Information Officer (MPO) Jeff Solomano, here via email or call 0412 368 355.

To read BMX Australia’s Member protection policy, follow this link



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